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ChildFund Sport for Development's partnerships provide children with opportunities to play, learn and grow. Using integrated sport and life skills learning, young people from vulnerable communities are equipped to overcome challenges, inspire positive social change and take active leadership roles within their communities.


ChildFund Sport for Development partners to deliver high quality, evidence-based social impact, across a range of sports.


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ChildFund Sport For Development – We Believe in the Power of Sport

What is ChildFund Sport For Development? We are excited to introduce ChildFund Sport For Development! Our new brand will showcase how we are partnering across more countries to deliver more impact through sport. ChildFund Sport for Development will more accurately represent the full portfolio of what we do to leverage the power of sport to […]

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Reconnect – Keeping Children Safe and Connected through Sport

What is Reconnect? The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented disruption to the world and heavily impacted the lives of many people worldwide. Children and young people have been particularly impacted and are facing a number of challenges: feeling isolated, losing access to their peer support networks, holding concerns about their own and their family’s health […]

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I’m from a small community, but my dream is big and I will work hard to achieve my goal. I’m so proud that at my young age, I’m able to lead children and young people in my community to play tag rugby.

See Khang, Lao Rugby Federation, Laos

As a Regional Association we need to set an example for all of our Member Unions, and the rest of the world, that the safety and protection of our members is paramount. If we do not keep our members safe, our programs cannot flourish. Investing in this space is something that we consider part of our foundation and it is something that we will continue making a priority.

Erin Kennedy, Rugby Americas North

I think it is important to involve women and girls in leadership roles, because they can be great leaders and will inspire other women and girls in Laos.

Boudsadee, Lao Rugby Federation, Laos

One of the things I am most proud of being a Coach is that I can support young people to develop good skills and become leaders.

Youn, Lao Rugby Federation, Laos

I believe that everyone has unlimited ability. If we have a strong intention to develop ourselves, we can make it happen.

Na, Lao Rugby Federation, Laos

I did things that I previously thought impossible. To all the girls and women out there, please keep being involved in whatever makes you happy and makes your community a better place.

Lan, Hoa Binh Rugby Network, Vietnam

It (ChildFund’s Safeguarding in Sport: Online Learning Pilot Project) was a good mix of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The interactive nature of the sessions which catered to different learning styles was really effective. Having output requirements for some sessions with the provision of templates was also really helpful because having that assures that what was learned would be applied in the actual policy.

Margarita Ochoa, Jiu Jitsu International Federation

I am proud to be a Coach, a role model and a leader in my community. Anyone can be a leader, regardless of their status or gender.

Ha, Hoa Binh Rugby Network, Vietnam

If you stay silent, people might never abandon their outdated prejudices. Let’s speak up at the right time, in the right place, to protect your own rights and the rights of other girls.

Hai, Hoa Binh Rugby Network, Vietnam

Since becoming a player, I learnt that boys and girls are equal. I hope the program can spread everywhere, even across the globe, so children in other places of the world can enjoy learning and playing like us here.

Trang, Pass It Back Player, Vietnam

Botswana Rugby is committed to keeping adults and children safe to ensure that those who participate in rugby can have a long and enjoyable life experience without fear or concern of any form of abuse. This will ensure participants meet their personal goals (health/fun/recreation/talent development/programs etc.) for participating in rugby and reap the benefits. Botswana Rugby sees participation in sport as an integral part of building a healthy nation.

Botswana Rugby

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